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Eating Out

Published on Sunday, January 3, 2010 by

Eating Out:

Major resorts have bars and restaurants of every category. At larger hotels, the cuisine tends to international although authentic local dishes may also be available. All over the island there are restaurants offering genuine Cypriot food. One of the best ways of enjoying Cypriot food is by ordering Meze, (Which everyone who comes here should try at least once) which is an array of many of the dishes which the restaurant produces, usually only served for two persons or more.

Be prepared for a long, enormous meal though, save yourself at the beginning, otherwise just when you think you will burst the main dishes will arrive! To try the best meze my advice would be to drive out to an inland village and find a non touristy restaurant, the meze will be of a superior quality and you will find that the sheiftalia are not the larger commercially produced ones for the tourists, but the small tasty ones.

Be aware if you do this that the cheeses will be stronger and you may be presented with offal as this is also a delicacy in Cyprus. Waiter service is normal and counter service is common in bars. There are no licensing hours.

Most take aways do a selection from fish and chips, KFC fried chicken, Pizza Hut, Chinese, Mc burgers and many more, all at very reasonable prices. Most taverns and restaurants standard menu includes kebabs, chops, steaks and fish.

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